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Pokemon Universe

February 22, 2011


Pokémon – Wikipedia

February 22, 2011

Pokémon is een mediafranchise van het internationale bedrijf Nintendo en werd rond 1995 gecreëerd door Satoshi Tajiri. Oorspronkelijk werd het uitgebracht als een duo Game Boy role playing games die met elkaar verbonden konden worden. Pokémon is sindsdien uitgegroeid tot de op een na succesvolste game-franchise ter wereld, na Super Mario.[1]

Het spel is sinds 1999 verkrijgbaar in de Benelux, en is nog steeds zeer populair onder vele lagen van de jeugd.

Sinds het ontstaan van de spelserie zijn er ook mangastrips verschenen, een geanimeerde televisiereeks en een ruilkaartenspel. Ook het Pokémon-winkelcentrum in New York, het zgn. Pokémon Center, en het Pokémon Park in Japan zijn een feit. Ook zijn er verschillende accessoires afgeleid van de televisiereeks, gaande van knuffels tot kledij. Pokémon was in Nederland voor het eerst te zien op Fox Kids. Sinds 1 mei 2008 is Pokémon Seizoen 10: Diamond & Pearl op Jetix te zien. Vanaf 1 januari 2010 was er geen Pokémon meer op de Nederlandse televisie, het vroegere Jetix is overgenomen door het Amerikaanse digitale kabeltelevisiekanaal Disney XD. Pokémon wordt sinds rond 25 januari door Disney XD uitgezonden, dat normaal alleen maar Disney-programma’s uitzendt.émon


Pokemon Paradijs – Alle info over Pokémon vind je hier

February 22, 2011

Pokemon Paradijs – Alles over de tekenfilm Pokémon, ruilkaarten en computerspellen is hier te vinden. Samenvattingen van de afleveringen, een Pokedex


Pokedex (DP) – Sets/kaarten – Kleurplaten – Pokedex (GS)



The Official Pokémon Website |

February 22, 2011

Nintendo‘s official Pokémon site. Latest news, Pokédex, games, downloads and competitions.

Watch Episodes!Pokédex

Download All Pokemon Roms Games – All Download Links Included

February 21, 2011
Cover for Pokémon Red Version

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Pokémon (ポケモン Pokemon?English pronunciation: /ˈpoʊkeɪmɒn/POH-kay-mon[1]) is a media franchise published and owned by the video game company Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996. Originally released as a pair of interlinkable Game Boyrole-playing video games, Pokémon has since become the second most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, behind only Nintendo’s own Mario series.[2] Pokémon properties have since been merchandised into animemanga,trading cards, toys, books, and other media. The franchise celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2006,[3] and as of 28 May 2010, cumulative sales of the video games (including home console versions, such as the “Pikachu” Nintendo 64) have reached more than 200 million copies.[4]

The name Pokémon is the romanized contraction of the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?),[5]as such contractions are quite common in Japan. The term “Pokémon”, in addition to referring to the Pokémon franchise itself, also collectively refers to the 649 fictional species that have made appearances in Pokémon media as of the release of the Pokémon role-playing game (RPG) for the Nintendo DSPokémon Black and White. Like the words deer and sheep, the word “Pokémon” is identical in both the singular and plural, as is each individual species name; in short, it is grammatically correct to say both “one Pokémon” and “many Pokémon” as well as “one Pikachu” and “many Pikachu”. In November 2005, 4Kids Entertainment, which had managed the non-game related licensing of Pokémon, announced that it had agreed not to renew the Pokémon representation agreement. Pokémon USA Inc. (now The Pokémon Company International), a subsidiary of Japan’s Pokémon Co., now oversees all Pokémon licensing outside of Asia.[6]

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Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

February 21, 2011

description Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs Cover Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡, Pokemon Renjā Hikari no KisekiPokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light) is an action role-playing game video game for the Nintendo DS. It is the sequel of Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. It was released in Japan on March 6, 2010 and a US release on October 4, 2010. The European release date has been verified as November 5, 2010.

Gameplay revolves around capturing Pokémon with the Capture Styler, which now lets you call out your Pokémon for support and use “Ranger Signs” to call Pokémon to help in captures. Other features include four player cooperative play with unique missions. The game also includes Wi-Fi mission downloads, one of which gives you access to Deoxys, which can be moved to the DS’s other Pokémon games. According to the Pokémon website, you can also encounter Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.

The game takes place on the fictional island region of Oblivia. The story starts off with a Pichu with a ukelele,[5] who is known through the game as the Ukelele Pichu. This Pichu is like the starter Pokémon of this game. It will join the player as their Partner Pokémon, after they fix its broken ukelele. The player is able to summon Legendary Pokémon like Raikou (after encounter in Radio Tower), Entei (after encounter) and Suicune (after encounter in Canal Ruins) by drawing their ‘Ranger Signs’ on the touch screen. The new enemy, the Pokémon Pinchers, are poaching and selling Pokémon, according to the Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Part 1 short. The player’s job is to stop the Pokémon Pinchers and restore peace in Oblivia. A few times after the player meet the legendary TimeTravel Pokémon, Celebi, at the forest shrine, and when they meet it, Celebi will come to take them back to the past. After it takes the player back at the Haunted Mansion, it will return to its Shrine, and then the mission to catch it will be unlocked. To get one of the Eon Pokémon, Latios (if Ben, the male character, is chosen) or Latias (If Summer, the female character, is chosen), the player must activate all the shrines on the islands and the last one in the East Sea to gain their trust. Then they return to the small island that they started on, and the Eon should appear. Once the player captures it, they will get its Ranger Sign. The Eon Pokémon can fly faster than a Staraptor, and in battle, if its head is tapped, it can call its Counterpart, Latias (if Ben is chosen), or Latios (if Summer is chosen) to create a Whirlwind that centers all the Pokémon in the battle. After the player catches Blue eyes in the Haunted Mansion, Red eyes will tell them that he has their counterpart, either Summer or Ben. Once they trade for their counterpart and the Pinchers leave, Entei will come. After it is captured and called it with its Ranger Sign to ride it, the counterpart will be amazed, and the player learns Entei’s ability to smash boulders. In the Aftergame, after thecredits roll, the player will follow the legendary birds. They will have finished the game when the Air Fortress has been destroyed. First the player will follow Articuno, then Zapdos, and finally Moltres. After Moltres lands in Hualdera Volcano, it is catchable. Then Articuno, then Zapdos.

rominfo Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

Developer(s) Creatures Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Pokémon Ranger
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
  • JP March 6, 2010
  • NA October 4, 2010
  • EU November 5, 2010
Genre(s) Action role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer with Wi-Fi
  • CERO: A
  • ESRB: E
Media Nintendo DS Game Card

video Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

screenshots Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

pokemon ranger guardian signs 20100615013257010 640w Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

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pokemon ranger guardian signs 20100615013301432 640w Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

pokemon ranger guardian signs 20100615013302713 640w Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

pokemon ranger guardian signs 20100615013304151 640w Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Rom (U) (NDS)

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